Michael Angelo Magnotta Sculptor & Artist

The art of Michael Magnotta is a synthesis and expression of his vision, experiences and interests.  His body of work is informed and inspired by jazz, the realm of space, the beauty and imperfections of nature, and our commonality as members of the community of mankind.

The skills Magnotta brings to his sculpture are many.  Having learned to "see" through photography, the use of tools and to build via construction work, to balance, sketch, and utilize the third dimension from architecture studies, he came to sculpture and devoured the work of its' masters - Calder, Giacometti, David Smith, Mark DiSuvero, John Chamberlain, Beverly Pepper, Richard Hunt, Richard Serra, et al.

Metal, the structural backbone of modern society is the material of choice for Magnotta's art.  It is in the contradictions of metal - its strength while malleable; rigidity and weight while delicate and able to float in space; impervious surface while age and elements etch their trail -  that Magnotta finds his art.  Instead of cast-off utilitarian items, Magnotta typically prefers the geometric, weighty, industrial leftovers and cut outs spared from the smelter to live on as art.

As in jazz improvisation, Magnotta's sculptures are an ad hoc response to the metal, a call and response series of steps, the welding rod his instrument, in forming a composition that begins in his imagination, takes a material form in metal, and results in a spatial construct of lyricism and beauty.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.

550 Whitehills Dr, East Lansing, MI | 517. 980. 0308