Artist's Statement

My journey in the arts began some 30 years ago in photography -  B&W, Kodachrome,  35 mm, 3x5 format, SX 70, etc.  I loved the medium but wanted more texture, size, and input.  Architectural studies in the New School of San Diego broadened my artistic horizons - materials, space, shape, form, design, construction. The imaginative use of these constructs, as exemplified by architects I admired, inspired me.  The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi,  beauty in the imperfect, the worn, informed me.  In what felt like a natural progression, an outgrowth of interests and skills, I began welding in 2008.  Long infatuated by this process, the first glimpse through the lens of a welder’s helmet of metal fusing together brought a thrill unsurpassed.

My sculptures begin with a visit to the metal yard.  From rusting piles of industrial detritus I carefully cull the shapes and forms which speak to me, giving those chosen a respite in my studio, where, slowly, those shapes are reborn, bringing new life to old iron.

Raw Materials 

 I sincerely hope your experience of these sculptures brings you some of the joy I felt in creating them.